A chiller system is a system that cools the water to a low temperature. This water is transported and circulated through a system of pipes and pumps to all parts of the building and thus they reach every space and room that need air conditioning.
Dunham Bush, a leader in industrial refrigeration for over 100 years, has developed an advanced method of cold storage. This method is an ancient method that has revolutionized the world of green energy today
A compressor is basically a type of pump that pumps gas, and as its name implies, compresses it. The purpose of the compressor is to increase the pressure of different gases by reducing and reducing their volume. Compressors are used for various medical, domestic and industrial needs.
Rafkol Group Ltd. provides cooling and air conditioning solutions and specializes in cooling for the plastics industry. Exclusive service providers to FASTI and Euro Chiller, Tool Temp in Israel. Upgrading and streamlining the service system for the plastics industry.
We represent a number of companies, including ARCTIC AIR in Israel - production of air conditioner units by a variable compressor that operates on a V12 / V24 voltage that connects to a battery. In the US, the unit operates on a very large number of light aircraft and is very popular in aviation.
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