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Refcool Group specializes in the production of cooling and air conditioning systems, and the provision of innovative and efficient solutions in the field of air conditioning and air cooling.

We at Dunham Bush Israel provide our customers with the most advanced cooling systems with the most advanced technology, so that they will fully suit the needs and goals of each and every one of them. Our company imports the merger solutions of the best manufacturers in the field to Israel not only for private homes but also for companies, organizations, factories and public institutions.

Working green:

Dunham Bosch cooling systems are very energy efficient, which helps reduce the power consumption of private homes and workplaces. In this way it is also possible to cool the structure properly, both to save money and to save the earth. Dunham Bush cooling systems are not only more economical but also more efficient than other air conditioning systems.

The air conditioning systems of Dunham Bush Israel are of the best quality. If you are still working with older generation air conditioning and cooling systems it is time to move on with excellent next generation cooling systems. A meticulous level of performance of each system makes it the most convenient of the other systems on the market today and helps to march you forward – into the twenty-first century.

Among our products:

Dunham Bosch Israel – Rafkol Group offers our customers to enjoy a variety of cooling facilities for industry, cooling houses, water cooling units, screw compressors to save energy consumption and a variety of advanced cooling solutions for various needs. Dunham Bush helps you maintain the systems at your disposal and offers advanced maintenance services for cooling and air conditioning systems.

Dunham Bosch Israel is a subsidiary of the global Dunham Bosch company, the pioneer in the production of the screw compressor for cooling and air conditioning systems. The company supplies cooling systems to a wide variety of locations all over the world including hospitals, airports, petrochemical plants and a variety of other locations that do not compromise on less than the best.

Dunham Bush Israel is committed to quality, reliability and professionalism, without competition.

Dunham Bush Israel is committed to quality, reliability and professionalism, without competition.
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